2014 Christmas shopping season is here and it’s time to bring out those precious bed bath and beyond coupon you have been saving all year long. Bed bath and beyond stocks almost everything you want to buy for Christmas this season.

Maybe you are not shopping for Christmas and simply need a coupon for your routine weekly or daily shopping trip to the store. Maybe you just needed to buy a big ticket item and want a coupon code for a big discount. You’ve come to the right place. We’ll soon show you how you can easily get your hands on those valuable and very sort after coupon.

When it comes to giving back to customers, bed bath & beyond are king. How many times have you seen people making fun of those 20% off coupons? They are everywhere and anywhere. That is how much this retailer cares about their customers. So much so that their coupon distribution policy is seriously taking a hit to their bottom line. It was recently reported in Forbes magazine that BB&B will see a quarterly drop in profits of about 15%. This is due to many reasons including expansion but also chiefly due to a lot more people redeeming coupons.

We thank them for their generosity and I personally never shop anywhere else unless bed bath and beyond does not carry the item I want to buy. This retailer issues a variety of discount coupons to their shoppers. These include the very popular and widely used bed bath and beyond 20 off coupon. You will also come across their 5% off coupon, 10% off coupon, $10 off coupon, 20% off printable coupon and their 20% off entire purchase coupon.

20% off a single item bed bath and beyond coupon

This is the most popular of their coupons. This particular coupon comes in two main types.

  • There is the one they send through snail mail, newspaper inserts and moving boxes you buy from the post office. They are very widely used by a large number of people. This coupon allows you to take 20% off one item in your shopping cart. These are not the same as bed bath and beyond printable coupons.
  • The 20% off printable coupon is delivered digitally. You get this coupon primarily by subscribing to the bed bath and beyond email newsletter. If you subscribe for the first time, you are sent what is known as a “Savings Certificate.” This is valid for a 20% off discount on a single item in your shopping cart when you visit the store. The certificate is delivered to the email you use to sign up. You have to click on a link inside the email to print the savings certificate. You can also get the savings certificate by going to the bed bath & beyond Facebook page.

Q: Will they take my coupon even when it has expired?
A: Many people are confused about expired coupons. I am going to at try and explain this and hope you get it once and for all. Bed bath & beyond takes expired “MAILED” coupons. That is coupons that were sent to you through the mail or the ones you find through newspapers post office shipping boxes. They DO NOT accept expired printable coupons. That is the ones you print off the computer. That is because if they do, you’ll just print multiple copies of the same coupon. Hope this explains things with regards to expired coupons.

All the other types of coupons they distribute including their 20% off entire purchase coupon is delivered via mail, newspapers, flyers and moving boxes. You can sometimes buy those online but know that these are not official coupon distributing channels and a transaction could go wrong. The person you purchase them from can send you a coupon they just print online and this will not work or they don’t send you anything at all. So beware if you decide to buy a bed bath and beyond coupon online.

Sample of a bed bath and beyond coupon

Sample Coupon. DON’T PRINT! Cannot be redeemed

Mobile Coupons

Recently BB&B started distributing mobile coupons to keep in line with recent trends. A lot more people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. I personally do 80% of my casual browsing on my iPad or iPhone. To receive the bed bath and beyond mobile coupons, simply text “OFFER” to the short code “239663”. You will instantly get a form to complete which subscribes you to their mobile alert services. After you complete this form, they send you a 20% off coupon as a thank you. To stop receiving mobile messages from them, simply text “STOP” to the same number. You might want to stay subscribed though because they do send good offers from time to time.

Tips & Best Practices with Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons:

  • You want to get more coupons through the mail? Give your mailing address with the cashier when you checkout. They will send you regular 20% off coupons through the mail.
  • Can I use more than one coupon per shopping trip? You can use more than one “mailed” coupon per transaction but you are only allowed to use one printable coupon (savings certificate) per transaction.
  • What if I forgot to bring the coupon with me when I go shopping? Don’t worry about this. Pay full price for the item, return to the store with your receipt and coupon during your next shopping trip. They will make the adjustment for you.
  • Can I use a coupon from a competitor? Yes you can. However, the said competitor must have in stock the item you want to redeem the coupon for.
  • I never get the 20 off entire purchase coupons. Don’t be alarmed if they never send you this type of coupon. They do send them out via mail but not very often. You could call them and request they send you one.
  • Where do I find bed bath and beyond online coupons? BB&B do not distribute coupon codes for online use at the moment. There is no space to enter a promo code when checking out online. However, they do send out special discount offers via email to those on their email mailing list. This sometimes include a 20% off online offer. Alternatively, if the item you want to buy is not in stores, ask the store to order it for you online and apply the coupon when picking the item up

Bed bath and beyond coupons are great and we should be very grateful this store is will to offer us such generous discounts. Try not to abuse this privilege so the program can continue to run. Don’t photocopy coupons. If you run out of them, there are millions of these coupons that are not used. Ask family and friends for any unused ones instead of photocopying them. Happy 2014 shopping to your all.